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In 2007 Steer Clear developed and modified its Driver Education Course specifically to meet the requirements of VEC students. The course, which has been designed for Irish roads was launched in 2006, the nationwide roll out continues in 2008/09.

About the Steer Clear Driver Education Course

  • Educates young drivers in the knowledge, behaviour, attitude and skills that are vital for safe driving
  • Irelands only comprehensive Driver Education course
  • Creative teaching methods to combat literacy issues
  • In the application process for FETAC Validation
  • Offers long term safety benefits & development of key life skills
  • Suitable for students with literacy issues
  • Uses workshop style delivery, power point presentations and computerised animations
  • Fully prepares students for the Driver Theory Test
  • Comparable to the best driver education courses available in Europe and the US
  • Course can run with a minimum of 12 students - Maximum of 24
  • The only programme endorsed by Prof. Ray Fuller, T.C.D., an expert advisor to the government on road safety and a world renowned psychologist on driver behaviour

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Benefits to Students

  • Interactive and Fun Course
  • Opens up more employment opportunities
  • Assistance given in applying for the Driver Theory Test
  • Assistance given in applying for the Provisional Driving License (to those who have previously Passed the Driver Theory Test)

Benefits to Centre

  • Standard Curriculum delivered by qualified Steer Clear educators
  • Course may qualify for full funding
  • No hassle service for centres
    • Steer Clear educator teaches course
    • Course administered by the Steer Clear office and educators
    • All course manuals & support materials provided by Steer Clear
    • Vouchers, receipts, certificates etc. issued by Steer Clear
  • Great degree of flexibility in scheduling to suit school timetables & commitments
    • time slots that suit centre's schedule
    • Courses run during the day or evening
    • Days away or other centre commitments accommodated
  • Increased positive image for centre
    • Promoting student safety as they approach the age of highest risk
    • Providing students with an essential life skill
    • Centre's involvement in Ireland's premier driver education programme
  • Increased positivity in working towards the goals of certification and gaining a driving license


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"Irish Drivers Education Association" approved Training Programmes and Trainers have been placed on the FÀS/EI National Register of Trainers. The registration number of "Irish Drivers Education Association" is 903137 and the registration expiry date is 06/09/2010.

european Road Safety

IDEA is a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter

Steer Clear can now be used to achieve the Skill challenge of Gaisce - the President's Award. Gaisce