Driving Instruction

Steer Clear recommends a course of 10 driving lessons with an aproved Driving Instructor.

Steer Clear Approved Driving Instructors

Steer Clear gradutaes may wish to avail of one of the Steer Clear Driving Instructors, based nationwide, to complete this part of the learning to drive process.

Steer Clear Approved Driving Instructors are experienced driving instructors and ADI (RSA Approved Driving Instructors) certified, in addition to being qualified Steer Clear educators.

Often the trainer that has delivered the Steer Clear Course will also be a Steer Clear Driving Instructor.

Steer Clear Aproved Driving Instructors are not employees of Steer Clear and Steer Clear charges no fees to learners for recomendation.


A Structured Approach to Driving Instruction


The Steer Clear Driving Skills manual & Logbook.

This book is a comprehensive resource for those undergoing Driving Instruction.


It offers simple-to-complex driving lesson plans, progressing step-by-step through essential driving skills.


The lesson plans cover everything from approaching the vehicle for the first time to assessing test readiness.


It also offers a guide for the accompanying driver or mentor and structured practice sessions for the learner.

The easy to use logbook reinforces and tracks the learning to make certain that nothing is left out.


  • Initiation to driving
  • Basic driving skills
  • Intersections
  • Different driving environments
  • Parking
  • Avoiding skids
  • Advanced procedures
  • Motorway driving
  • Maintenance & Navigation
  • Loading, towing, &driving test readiness

Note: Lessons are based on mastering each task properly and not restricted to time. Lessons may take in excess of the 16 hours minimum recommended by the RSA.

Graduates of the Steer Clear Driver Education Course receive a copy of the Steer Clear Driving Skills Manual & Logbook as part of their course fee.

The new book is now also available, directly from Eason's, Dubray Books, and all major book stores as well as direct from the Irish Driver's Education Association for just €19.99.

In Ireland driving instruction can commence once the student has:

  • Passed the Official Driver Theory Test (usually taken on completion of the Steer Clear Course)
  • Reached 17 years of age.
  • Taken a sight test.
  • Obtained a learner permit.


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