The Steer Clear Driver Education Course

A 20 hour course structured. Developed by education experts from the Irish Drivers Education Association specifically using Irish road systems, laws, rules and regulations.

Research across Europe and the United States demonstrates that driver education, such as this, that targets behaviour and attitude is the crucial element in reducing the risk of death and injury. Unlike other training courses, Steer Clear concentrates on the attitude and motivation of the driver as well as developing comprehensive practical skills and experience.

The intervention works best when delivered prior to the novice driver commencing driving lessons (in car). This way the novice gains a comprehensive understanding of how the road system works for all road users and the risks and consequences of inappropriate driving, before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Topics include

  • Motivation & behaviour
  • Peer pressure
  • Fatigue, drugs and alcohol
  • Physical principles of driving
  • Understanding your car
  • Hazard perception
  • Rules, regulations and enforcement
  • Safety margins and speed control
  • Eco driving
  • Risk management
  • Motor skills
  • and much more

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  • Interactive and challenging course using;
    • DVD sequencing
    • computer presentations
    • workshop based learning
  • Classroom based course with outside exercises and workshops
  • Approximately 20 hours tuition in total
  • Revision & pre-assessment prior to final exam
  • Multiple choice exam

Benefits to Steer Clear Graduates

  • Significant reduction in risk for young drivers particularly during the high risk 18-24 years
  • Full preparation for passing the Official Driver Theory Test
  • Acquisition of critical knowledge, awareness and life skills
  • Better understanding of how the road system works
  • Reduced first motor insurance policy for graduates

Steer Clear can now be used to achieve the Skill challenge of Gaisce - the President's Award. Gaisce

Student course materials

  • Steer Clear 360 page colour manual & CD - written specifically for the Irish driving environment
  • The Steer Clear Driving skills manual, mentors guide & Log book

Course Fees

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Blackrock College students use the Steer Clear Beer Googles to demonstrate the effect that just one or two units of alcohol over the limit has on coordination.


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