The Irish Drivers Association

The Irish Drivers Education Association is a wholly Irish owned limited company with headquarters in Co Wicklow. We are committed to improving safety on Irish roads through the implementation of a modern, dynamic education programme for all drivers and road users.


Since our formation in 2001, we have campaigned to bring about a change in the approach to learning to drive in Ireland. We have actively lobbied both Government and the Insurance Industry in an attempt to win support for the introduction of modern driver education.

Extensive research has been carried out by I.D.E.A. within Europe, Australasia and North America. We have examined best practice in the Driver Education sector and measured the effectiveness of many different programmes. Statistics show that where modern Driver Education programmes were introduced in conjunction with a Graduated Licence system, crash numbers dropped significantly.

The continued escalation in deaths and injuries on Irish roads has added even greater urgency to the need for change. In the absence of any Government support, I.D.E.A. Ltd have invested over 1 million euro to help produce the necessary materials, training and infrastructure for the delivery of Steer Clear. The programme will be ready to commence in September 2006.

The Road Ahead

The Steer Clear programme has been delivered in over 60 Secondary schools throughout Ireland. Following successful completion of this Pilot Phase,in conjunction with the National Safety Council, the full system is now available nationwide. The system is designed to benefit all drivers both beginner and existing alike. Drivers of many years experience will also find much that will surprise them and hopefully learn to shed ingrained bad driving habits.

"Irish Drivers Education Association" approved Training Programmes and Trainers have been placed on the FÀS/EI National Register of Trainers. The registration number of "Irish Drivers Education Association" is 903137 and the registration expiry date is 06/09/2010.

european Road Safety

IDEA is a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter

Steer Clear can now be used to achieve the Skill challenge of Gaisce - the President's Award. Gaisce