What the experts have said about the Steer Clear initiative:

"Learning to drive can be a deadly serious life-changing event. Completing the lessons and practice sessions in this programme will help new drivers to safely gain the necessary experience for a long and safe driving life"

Peter Russell, Professor of Road Safety Research & Education.

Director of Driver Education Research Foundation UK.

"A state-of-the-art, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated course, it should prove of immense value to novice drivers, instructors and mentors alike and make a significant contribution to safety on our roads."

Ray Fuller, Professor of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin

"For the first time...a handbook for survival on Irish roads....excellent material which will make a significant difference to the quality of young peoples driving skills, attitude and behaviour"

Bob Montgomery, Motoring Correspondent Irish Times Newspaper

"An excellent education manual - full of vital information for novice and experienced drivers alike. Essential reading for every road user ... it will reduce the carnage on our roads and save lives."

Eddie Shaw -(former chairman) National Safety Council

"I was most impressed with the theoretical and practical structure of the Steer Clear program. I think you have made an excellent advance on the state of the art in driver education content and approaches. It is now widely accepted in North America, the EU, and Australia/New Zealand that high levels of perceptual skills need to be supported by safer values, less risk acceptance, and other affective factors that, along with higher cognitive skills to lead to better decision making and reduced serious crashes among young drivers. Minor crashes typically result from relatively minor and inadvertent skill failures in vehicle handling or, especially, hazard perception. Fatal crashes are quite different in etiology, often involving serious misbehaviour or gross lapses in judgement and decision making. Your program moves the field toward a better balance in educational objectives. You may well be developing a model that will be followed and emulated internationally."

Lawrence Lonero, Author - AAA Novice Driver Education Model Curriculum Outline

"I am very impressed with the Steer Clear Driver Education programme. The future of European road safety education is heading in the direction of higher level learning that addresses goals for life and skills for living. This program addresses the higher level skills that are essential to raise awareness, develop responsibility and motivate learner drivers to make the correct choices for safe driving."

Dr Gregor Bartl. Author EU-Projects: DAN, ANDREA, MERIT and HERMES

Comments from course participants:

"I noticed how much more aware I was of safe driving - and not so safe driving around me. I thought I knew about safety on the roads, but realised I had lots to learn. I enjoyed the course and it was great to do such a useful, certified course during Transition Year."

"I refused a lift home from my Uncle after a wedding as he had been drinking, it is only from doing the Steer Clear course that I realised the real dangers and learned how to act in this situation."

"My favourite part of the course was learning about the rules of the road and the different parts of the car. I learned a lot from the information on safe driving"

"I thought Steer Clear was very interesting and helpful. I hope it will benefit me in my driving test. It was definitely on of the best parts of Fourth year, for me anyway. I enjoyed it because it was something I was interested in."

"I enjoyed learning abut the different parts in the car and going to the mechanic's workshop and seeing them work. I also enjoyed learning about what not to do when driving and what makes you a good or a bad driver."

"My mum doesn't get so angry when she is driving anymore, I told her what we had leant about how to avoid being antagonised by other drivers."

"Steer Clear has changed my opinion of Irish driving. I now know a lot more than I did, what to expect and how to react."
"I enjoyed going to the garage and seeing what a car engine actually looks like and also the team exercises and the games and the practical stuff we did."

"My favourite part of the course was the games we played. They seemed a bit weird at the start but they really helped with learning in the long-term."

"I liked watching the videos because I learned a lot quickly. I also liked it when we looked at the interior of the car and at taking care of the engine, I learned a lot more when I actually saw the things for myself. Thank you Steer Clear,"

Teachers made these comments after their training course:

"Each presentation was fantastic. The resources and information given was excellent and very well structured, activities were very well thought out and put together."

"This is an excellent thought through course. I have left it with a much wider knowledge then when I started. Thank you so much!"

"Excellently run, well prepared and very detailed. Thank you so much, an excellent resource."

"Brilliant , a very professional course, essential. I can't believe it is not compulsory."

"Very good, very professional, I would recommend it to other educators."

"Very impressive course, extremely professional, would recommend all schools to take part."

"The course was excellent and I learned a lot. I think it was put together in a brilliant way for students to learn and enjoy the course. I will be recommending the course to other schools. Well done. All resource materials are brilliant. I'm looking forward to starting."

"Excellent course well thought out. All the staff were extremely nice and friendly. Thank you."

Parents and school co-ordinators had this to say:

"Great to see the girls have done so well. The feed back has been very good from them and all enjoyed the course thoroughly and feel that they have learned a great deal from it, looking forward to planning for our new term in September!"

"Our pupils found the course very worthwhile and I feel they have gained valuable knowledge from doing the course"

"It's encouraging to hear my daughter Lisa commenting on other drivers and cars, while we are out in the car. She has learnt a valuable skill."